What makes Tobi apples so delicious?

Quality is the top priority: 18 cameras for each apple

Gentle processing is essential. Tobi Seeobst AG receives more than 24,000 tonnes of apples per harvest that are immediately chilled in one of 140 storage cells, which are hermetically sealed, keeping the apples permanently fresh so they can be enjoyed all year long. This storage process reduces the apples’ respiration rates to a minimum so they stay crisp and fresh. As the apples are transported to be classified, each one is photographed 144 times by 18 different cameras. The photographs are then electronically compared with an image of the perfect apple. This is the most important step on their way to the “classification track”. A light beam measures the sugar content. This all serves to ensure top quality and is crucial for providing the end consumer with an absolutely delicious, fresh apple.



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