Tobi and Greenstar® apples

They look appealing. They taste refreshing. They quench your thirst. They have relatively low acidity and a great deal of vitamin C. The bright green skin says it all: Greenstar® apples are crisp and delicious. Greenstar® apples may be slightly red where they were hit by the sun. Their flesh is extremely firm.

Juicy, sweet and chock-full of vitamins

Greenstar® apples from Tobi Seeobst AG are packed with vitamins. They are rapidly replacing Granny Smith apples, which have to be imported from South Africa. Greenstar® apples are medium-sized and slightly elongated. Their skin is smooth and their lenticels are somewhat less visible than those of Granny Smith apples. They have a long shelf life and are a delicious and healthy snack for between meals. Furthermore, they are also perfect for fruit salads, as a garnish for salads or simply sliced.