Fresh, delicious, healthy: Tobi Seeobst AG

There is nothing like Tobi fruit. It is crisp. Healthy. Unmistakable. A treat for young and old. Every day, our goal at Tobi Seeobst AG is to provide our customers with fruit characterised by our signature Tobi quality and freshness. That is why Tobi Seeobst AG is one of the leading partners for fruit distribution from Swiss orchards and farms.

Our signature quality is our trademark

The signature quality of our fruit is our company philosophy. And our trademark. It guides us in everything we do.

Experience is like the sun: it allows fruits to ripen to perfection

Our experience allows us to ensure that our fruits (apples, pears, berries and stone fruits) reach the end consumer in top quality. This requires a great deal of dedication on the part of our suppliers, our employees and our partners alike: nothing leaves our production facilities without our signature Tobi quality.

The signature Tobi quality is our standard

The signature quality of our fruit is also our quality standard. We test our fruit to make sure it lives up to this standard. This also includes contemporary aspects such as the growing demand for organic products and a balanced diet. Our signature Tobi quality is appreciated by our customers such as Migros, Coop and many more. And, naturally, by all of the end consumers who enjoy our fruit every day.