Vitamin-packed Tobi cherries

Good for your health

When it comes to your health, cherries have a secret weapon: their red colour (anthocyanin), which is said to be good for your skin. Thanks to Tobi’s large refrigeration units, Tobi cherries are quickly chilled after the harvest from 20 down to 4 or 5 degrees Celsius, which makes it possible to store them for a number of days.

At Tobi Seeobst AG, the cherries are kept in an optimum microclimate in specially designed trays, while larger quantities are packed into flat baskets and covered with a film that helps retain moisture. Thanks to covered monocultures, farmers have greatly reduced the impact of weather on cherry crops.

New, larger varieties measuring between 24 and 30 millimetres in diameter are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Cherries also contain vitamins B and C, which also help keep us healthy.


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