Unmistakable freshness and flavour

is packed into every variety of Tobi Seeobst AG apple and pear. Experience quality you can sink your teeth into.

Optimised grading for the perfect delivery

The first orders from large-scale distributors arrive early in the morning. Large crates filled with the requested varieties are lifted into the water bath and gently moved through the grading facility along the water conveyors, which have a total capacity of 120,000 litres. Throughout the entire year, fruit is sorted according to size, firmness, colour and sugar content in two-shift operation.

Market-oriented processing

Tobi Seeobst AG receives nearly 24,000 tonnes of apples per harvest that are immediately chilled in one of 140 storage cells, which are hermetically sealed, keeping the apples permanently fresh so they can be enjoyed all year long. As part of this process, the oxygen levels in the ambient air in the storage cells is reduced to one per cent. The temperature is maintained at one degree Celsius with a relative humidity between 95 and 98 per cent. This reduces the apples’ respiration rates to a minimum so they stay crisp and fresh.