Tobi and Diwa® apples

Diwa® apples from Tobi Seeobst AG are considered an excellent dessert apple with a wonderful, well-balanced flavour. Their subtler flavour sets them apart from other varieties such as Idared. Speaking of Idared apples: Did you know that Diwa® apples are a cross between Idared, Maigold and Elstar apples and the delicious result of many years of selection and cross-breeding?

A pleasant feeling of fullness

Diwa® apples from Tobi Seeobst AG are a lovely way to bring more flavour and health into your life. They feature an appealingly fresh and fruity flavour and give you a pleasant feeling of fullness in your stomach. With their greenish-yellowish flesh and eye-catching red skin, they are true beauties. The variety is characterised by its very short stems. With three times fewer calories than a bar of chocolate, they are the perfect health-conscious treat. Diwa® apples have a long shelf life; stay smooth, fresh and delicious; and are not only great on their own, but also wonderful in both savoury and sweet dishes.